Crochet Galore!

Imagine beautiful life-size crochet Art you could relax on, read your favourite book on, take a nap or just day dream?  Look no further as this is the day your dreams have come true!  These gorgeous life-size crochet designs are mini-spaces just for you.  Rather than using walls, the things you could do with the flexibility and comfort of fabric and tremendous!

Check out the link below:

crochet-art-installation-neto ernesto-neto-crochet

Delineate your Space

Delineate your office space with a shipping container.  If your office and/or home is situated in a warehouse you could easily do this.  Add a little extra paint, lay down an area rug or apply some flooring and you have an instant meeting room, dining room, office or bedroom area!

Check out the link below for more details:


99c-office-interior-by-Inhouse-Brand-Architects_dezeen_2               99c-office-interior-by-Inhouse-Brand-Architects_dezeen_4

A small (effective) Detail

Small design details can make the world of difference in a renovation project.  It’s incredible what a simple cut (void) in a room could do to transform a space.

Tiny design revisions make for bold gestures.

This contemporary apartment was designed by Díaz y Díaz Arquitectos.  This apartment is located in the old town of Coruña in Galicia, Spain.

Check out this gorgeous apartment at the link below.


Art Park!

We love Art Parks!  What an incredible idea for a public space.  This project is situated in the Baltic sea in Parnu, Estonia.  The project is structured in three parts: park planning, land buildings, and floating pavilions. the zones have been clearly divided, but still have a strong relationship to one another.

For more information, check out the link below:

kilometre-zero-baltic-sea-art-park-water-land-city-estonia-designboom-01 kilometre-zero-baltic-sea-art-park-water-land-city-estonia-designboom-03